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Need To Know

Thai Online Dating

My experience is that humans, regardless of culture, have more in common than differences, but there will always be cultural differences that can lead to misunderstandings or serious issues. This is true with dating and relationships in particular. Most foreigners that come to Thailand on vacation or for business end up with girls in the bar scene. As a short time visitor to the Kingdom you don’t really have the best possibilities of meeting what we could call ‘mainstream’ Thai ladies. Those that live in Thailand for longer periods of times such as expats, sometimes also have problems with meeting girls outside the expat bars and hangouts. Those that do, often meet their girlfriend or wives at work or on the internet. There are major differences between these ‘mainstream’ ladies and those that frequent the bar and freelance scene. If you ever expect to get far with one of them you must know that they expect you to be faithfull, how to be polite and respectful of Thai culture. The reward for your efforts more than makes up for it. Thai ladies are incredibly warm, sweet and fun to be with. There’s some things that are different from the west. When you are out in public with your date or even your girlfriend, you should be careful not to overdo physical contact. While handholding is ok, kissing in public is never. Take note of Thai couples if in doubt. Meeting Thai Ladies The dating scene is different in Thailand and the courtship process is more subtle. In Thailand, the guy is always expected to do the chase and the girls must play hard to get. Even so, this is not always the case, particularly if you are in a group of friends. Thai ladies are willing to work to get the man they want. Don’t be surprised to get A LOT of attention if you are decently dressed and groomed and otherwise friendly and sociable. It’s usually easier to meet Thai ladies when you are out with friends than to be alone. It takes the pressure a little of the interaction and is more fun. In Thai mainstream nightspots, such as those found on Ekamai, RCA and Ratchada, it’s quite normal for a male friend of the girls to introduce you and make contact if the girls are too shy, or even the waiting staff may do so playfully. Thai nightspots are not the best place to look for a girlfriend or a serious relationship if you are new in Thailand. Another and good option is internet dating. It’s one of the few options where you can meet quality Thai ladies without being introduced. Many Thai women are a bit shy about dating foreigners and don’t want to go to clubs or bars. They feel more safe and bold online. You can chat and talk to thai women before coming to Thailand and get to know them and their lives before you arrive. Many guys have met their girlfriends or wives this way and it usually works out better than meeting women in bars. If you are looking for a serious relationship or marriage you are best of with a site like MyAsianMailOrderBride which has many members and is the place to meet girls interested in long term relationships. If you are just looking to make friends and have a bit of fun, you can try some of the other sites such as ThailandFriends which is more of a community. There seems to be a new dating site popping up everyday, but those to are the most popular. There’s also the option of meeting girls that work in the commercial field such as sales ladies in malls and shops. They usually get hit on a lot, particularly in expat and tourist areas, so watch out for those that take long to reply if you sms or call them. They may be seeing several other guys at the same time.

Thai Online Dating – How To Write A Good Profile

This guide is going to look at how to do an ad that will get you noticed in the crowd of dull Thai online dating profiles. Online dating can bea great way to meet Thai girls and with these tips you’re going to be be one step ahead of the competition. Before we take a look at the tips, let’s have a look at what we want to present in our profile. Women all around the world react to the same factors in men and Thai girls are no different. A great profile should spotlight your good traits and play down your bad ones. What you want to show in your profile is that you are: Funny: Women lke to laugh and have someone to share good times with This is a big one for Thai girls! Funny guys do really well with Thai women. Adventurous: Women want a man that will take them on adventures and show them the world. Confident: Women want a man that is assertive and independent. Thai women are very feminine and passive and wants a man that can take actionDirection: Thais are status oriented and think career is important.You want to show that you can help her and yourself and that you are going places in your life. If you are closer to retiring age, then she wants to know that you will be able to retire comfortably. Be positive that you get your great qualities trough with your description. The description along with the photos are the essential to a good online dating profile! Let’s look at some tips on how to make the most of your Thai online dating profile: Tip 1: Be Different Easy one!. If you keep in mind the above advice and follow them then your profile will be different without you even trying. You will want to let your profile stand out and not using the same lines that everyone else are using. Instead of writing things like ‘I like to have fun’, show it! I mean, who doesn’t like to have fun? Tip 2: Show, Don’t Tell Hit and miss with most guys. Don’t just list facts about yourself, present them with your pictures and your writing. If you’re a guy that likes to crack jokes, write one in your description! If you like to cook, don’t just say so, present a picture with words of your favorite dish. Pictures are good for showing, look below! Tip 3: Have Good Photos Photos are the most essential part of your profile. Yes, Thai girls will read your profile, women do that, but they will look at your profile picture first. Your photo’s don’t need to be amazing, but they should be flattering for you. You should have a profile photo showing your face and with you smiling or looking happy. Thais like to take pictures of themselves outside such as when traveling or by the beach. If you have a photo of you doing something outdoors then that’s great. Also remember that Thais are very aware of status, so if you have a nice car, boat or motorcycle, by all means show it off, but don’t make it the main focus. A good tip for finding a good picture is to ask a female friend, coworker or family member to choose between a few pictures. Tip 4: Play to your positives, don’t tell your negatives Put your best foot forward, dont show off your shortcomings on your profile, there will be plenty of opportunity to do so in your relationship! Tip 5: Don’t brag and be polite The final tip is also about what to do when you chat with a Thai woman, and you will be. It’s a good idea to be a little humble and polite at first. Don’t brag too much, particularly not about your finances or she might expect that you will use a lot of money on her. Follow these guidelines and you are sure to get more success with Thai women online than you could possibly imagine. It’s not unusual for you mailbox to be flooded with emails if you’re on a Thai dating site.