7 Killer Tips To Writing Emails That Will Get You Online Success With Asian Women

Today we will look at how to use 7 killer tips to write emails to women on Asian dating sites, that will make sure you don’t end up in the trashbin and instead makes her want to talk with you and create attraction INSTANTLY!

These tips come straight from the source, that is, a survey of women on online Asian dating websites. Use this tips and you will already be far ahead of most ‘chumps’ online.

1) Never Use Pick Up Lines In The Email
Be orginal, don’t use the same tired bar pickup lines that she has heard over and over. Instead comment on something on her profile, be interesting!

2) Patience and Persistence is KEY!
You know, most quality women live busy lives! She can’t be online all the time. Just because she is making you wait for a reply does not mean she is not interested. So she makes you wait a while. You do the same, but don’t go overboard, make it sure you are interested!

3) Politeness is THE WAY to Go!
Online, you can’t see the other person you are talking to. Be careful with using remarks that can be seen as offensive, especially with Asian women. Remember, she can’t see that you are smiling while typing out a response. It’s best to be polite until you have some rapport.

4) Give Her Your Information
Make your profile interesting and with enough information so that she can check you out when she gets your message. Don’t disclose too much though, make here guess about you.

5) Don’t be Afraid to Share
Share more information with her than is in your profile, when you are writing with her. Women can be wary of guys online, so make her feel comfortable by sharing some of your life and everyday stories with here.

6) Write As If You Were Speaking to Her in Person
Don’t write anything you wouldn’t say to her in person. Don’t let the anonymity of the internet trick you into being bolder than you actually are or making things up. Remember that the goal is to meet up. You don’t want to have to act when you meet her

7) Be a Gentleman
I am not talking about that old idea of holding doors or buying her roses, but always keep your cool online. Don’t get upset if she doesn’t answer, don’t get jealous or act weird. She will be freaked out. Just be nice, casual and friendly and don’t take yourself to serious.